Monday, November 29, 2010

Conference Calls Across the Globe

Working in the global economy, ironically enough, means working with individuals located in other parts of the world. The first thing that comes to mind will inevitably be the complications associated with the language barrier and accents, cultural differences, teleconferencing difficulties, and of course the dreaded time zone difference. But since we can't escape the inevitable, we might as well embrace it and focus on the positive aspects of having to attend conference calls with India or Asia instead of going out for dinner or relaxing in front of the television. So here are my top ten benefits for partaking in international conference calls.

Top Ten Benefits for Partaking in International Conference Calls

10. Happy Hours aren't really that much of a deal these days anyway

9. Makes you feel more cultured, even if you've never flown across an ocean

8. Patriotic feeling that everyone is forced to speak your language instead of the other way around

7. You can justify doing personal stuff at work when you do work calls from home

6. You may be able to score a company phone out of the deal

5. It sounds cool to start a conversation with "so I was on the phone with India when Ranjit said..."

4. Because you'll snap if you have to wait another day for a response to that endless email chain

3. Whether you are cracking a joke or yelling out of frustration, you know you are always going to get that calm, canned response "yes sir, we will look into it and get back to you" or something similar

2. It's a great excuse for getting out of doing the dishes

1. An opportunity to actually use Skype without your mom calling you cheap for forcing her to download an application on her computer to save you money

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